Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Where NOT to Find Girls in UK

When you’re searching for love, it’s easy to accidentally pick up the wrong sort of girl instead of Mrs. Right. While these places might seem like obvious places to stay away from, desperation can make your vision kind of hazy. After a few drinks or in a certain situation, a complete troll can look like a fairy, and you don’t want to wake up next to a troll. Instead of going to the places below, you’re going to get alternatives so that you make sure you get what you’re looking for instead or a world of disappointment. I will recommend you this great website: http://looking-for-women.co.uk/ – If you are searching for love this dating guide will teach you the key points you have to succeed.

Shady Bars

pickup in bars

Avoid picking up a girl from a place like this

Now is the time to sit back and think about whether or not the bars you frequent are up to the standards you should hold yourself to. If the bar is smoky, small, and notoriously dirty, then maybe it isn’t the best place to be searching for love. Don’t worry; there are plenty of other places in Glasgow to frequent that are less shabby. The better the bar is, the better the women who go to them are; keep that in mind when you decide where to visit next time you go out. A bar with a tiny dance floor and cigarette butts all over the ground is a great place to get an STD, but not a girlfriend.


meet girls rave

Seriously, you cannot take her home to meet your mother

Raves might be fun for when you’re just trying to hook up, but the girls you find at this scene aren’t looking for relationships. A rave is the kind of place where attendants get drunk and do other things that they could probably be arrested for, not flirt. If a girl is flirting with you here, then she probably just wants what’s in your pants and doesn’t want to go home to mom. Though, you really have to consider if you would even consider bringing her home to meet the folks in the first place. If you really like the party scene and want to meet a girl who likes to party just as much as you do to date, then try local parties held by friends. The attendance at a house party is generally high, and the girls there are more likely to hold a conversation with you. Try and find someone with a normal hair color and clothes that cover all of her body. Here’s a hint: you won’t find a girl like that at a rave.

Run-down Food Joints

That old pub you love so much might be great to go out to just you and your friends, but think back to the kind of girls you’ve seen here. If they have all their teeth, then it’s rare and they’re probably smoking like a train. Girls who hang around dumpy food joints searching for love aren’t the sorts of girls who you want to spend your life with. They’re more likely to run away with some other guy than stick with you forever, or worse they’ll just use you and leave you. Save yourself the heartbreak and just find another place to go. If you’re really dead set on finding a girl at a restaurant to call your own, there are much better places to go in Glasgow. Instead of going to an actual restaurant, try checking out some local cafes instead. While very few single women go to restaurants to hang out, quite a few frequent cafes. It’s a calm, relaxing environment for a girl to go and have a drink without the hustle and bustle of a bar scene. Not to mention that girls are much more willing to talk to you when they’re in a secure setting like that. Get a drink and ask to sit down next to her – if she’s hanging out in a café, she’s probably smart and can hold a great conversation.


find a girl

Stop stealing the thunder of the wedding couple

Believe it or not, no newlywed couple wants you to find a girlfriend on their special day. Not only does it detract from their good news, it’s kind of just a dick move. It makes it seem like you just went to the event to get lucky and not to support your friends or family, so just keep that in mind. Searching for love at a wedding might seem perfectly romantic and harmless to you, but just put yourself in the couple’s shoes. You came to celebrate their wedding, and now you’re running off with some girl. It also doesn’t say any good things about the girl you decide to date – she’s just as rude as you are, picking up a guy at her friend’s wedding. If you really do hit it off with a girl at this location, do the polite thing and exchange numbers. You can keep it subtle and quiet so you don’t ruin anyone’s day, and you can resume the conversation at a later date. If you just met your future girlfriend at a wedding, that’s okay – don’t go there specifically to find a girlfriend.


dating in funerals

That’s just plain wrong

Even more insulting that picking up a girlfriend at a wedding is picking up a girlfriend at a funeral. There’s no better way to insult everyone involved, and it’s upsettingly common, especially among older people. Picking up a girlfriend at a funeral says that you don’t care about mourning the deceased and are more interested in your libido than your dead relative or friend. It’s also a bad plan to find a girl at a funeral for a family member because funerals are when all the long-lost family members come out of the woodwork. That means that the girl you’ve been chatting up might be your second cousin twice removed or some other relation. To keep from any incest dilemmas occurring, just keep your mind on the grieving process instead. Don’t be the rude guy who’s just trying to hook up while everyone else is in mourning. This probably isn’t a good place to exchange numbers, either, so just don’t do it. On top of all this, especially don’t go to a funeral of someone you don’t know or barely know to try and find a girlfriend. It’s classless and rude; you’re better than that.


searching for love

She’s there for fun – not for you

A concert might seem like the perfect venue to meet the girl of your dreams – hot, loves to party, and has the same music taste as you; it can’t go wrong, right? You are completely mistaken, friend. When a girl goes to a concert, the absolute last thing on her mind is finding a new boyfriend. If she flirts with you and acts like she likes you, then she probably does. The problem is that she’s most likely just looking for a guy to go home with that night before the high from the concert wears off. The odds of finding a steady girlfriend from a concert are slim to none. So don’t get your hopes up; this is a great place to find a hookup, but not anything long term, if you want a girl who’s into the same music as you, frequent local music or record stores. You’ll be able to find all the girls you could ever dream of at this venue, and in this less chaotic location she’ll be more open to talking to you and striking up a relationship. If the sparks start flying, exchange numbers and see where it takes you.